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Modern Living Room Design

If you are looking to update your living room but don’t have an idea of how your ideal design will look. You can get the help of budget interior designers, 2021 is all about elegance, practicality, space-saving, and comfort décor.

While choosing interior designs for your living room, you need to consider several factors, like the walls, texture, the corners, and the furniture, so that everything will blend perfectly.

Here are some modern living room design ideas that you can follow:

  1. Multifunctional Spaces

If you are looking to incorporate a work office in your living room, you should go for a piece of space-saving furniture. You don’t require a lot of furniture for a home office. A table, comfy chair, and some cushions will surely do the work. To get the much-needed calming vibes in your room, you can try shelves and a beige chair.

2. Oceanic Hues for Living Space

From deep inky tones to dark blues, the oceanic effect helps to make your spaces feel tranquil and cool. You can apply Aqua Blue on both the walls and furniture. There are different shades of blue, including indigo, soft, fairly dense blue, and bleached blue. Blue can never go out of style. These colours will compliment almost all furniture types, including chairs and sofas. This colour tune is suitable for living room interiors

3. Timeless Traditionalism

Traditional is evergreen! From textured rugs, antique accents, classic furnishings to wallpapers, traditional home décor trends are becoming popular more than ever. You can use unique pieces of textures, furniture, corner structures, and colour effects with pretty simple geometry that should be syncing well with the design that includes minimalism, elegance, and aesthetics. For a creative approach, you can try textured wallpapers as well.

4. Vintage Look

Curved furniture has seen a lot of popularity this year. The comeback of curved countertops and curved carpets is something that you can expect as a fascinating home décor trend. Vintage-inspired furniture is excellent for living rooms and entertainment room designs. Straight lines have been the center of attraction for many decades, but now curved designs are loved by people and look trendy.

Place the furniture in a way that you will get a lot of space behind it. You can place plants or floor lamps in that space. According to home interior designers in Bangalore, you can also circularly place the curved sofa and combine it with a couple of armchairs. Another option is facing the fireplace or across a window to get an outside view.

  1. Larger, Minimalist Space

Minimalism helps to get a calming space if done correctly. It helps to get clutter-free spaces that are visually appealing and convenient. This trend is perfect for a living room. People spend a lot of their time in the living room, so this design is comfortable and functional. You can use natural wooden stools as an alternative approach. Make your living space attractive by using rich textures and refurbished materials. Moreover, you can also use a vibrant piece of furniture to make it look fresh.

High-impact wall art is an excellent way of adding style to a minimalist living room. You can focus on monochrome designs to discard any visual chaos. Using a well-organized and clean image gallery will add a fun vibe to your room.

Here are some ideas that you can follow to make your living room attractive and lively. You can implement any of these designs according to your choice. You can hire an expert if you need interior work in Bangalore.

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